III. Render the article into English.

IV. Points for discussion

1. What do you make of the headline of the article?

2. Why is children’s psychology the most intricate science?

3. What is the point of punishing the child?

4. Is it possible to pre-empt behavioural problems with children?

5. What typical mistakes are made by parents when punishing children?

6. Should we take into account the child’s age before punishing it?

7. Why is it wrong to begin or end the day by punishing a child?


(topical vocabulary)

1. A happy child is:

a) Kind-hearted, good-natured, loving, friendly, affectionate; confident, balanced, secure; getting along (comfortably) with others III. Render the article into English.; gregarious: sociable, communicative; outgoing; unselfish; hard-working, industrious; self-disciplined, self-possessed;

b) Alert, motivated; conscientious, active, persevering; enthusiastic; polite, courteous; considerate, thoughtful; helpfully able to cope with difficulties, problems.

2. An unhappy problem child is:

a) obedient, prone to obey, submissive; disciplined, repressed; depressed, distressed; mixed-up, confused, frustrated; disturbed; neglected; self-centered; unsociable, lonely; timid, shy, fearful, sulky; indifferent, impersonal, listless; irresponsive, insensitive;hurt; humiliated; stubborn; uninterested, unmotivated, dull, inactive, bored; unable to cope with difficulties, problems.

b) irritable, annoyed, anxious; restless, naughty, willful; inconsistent, impulsive; undisciplined, unruly, misbehaving, disobedient; resentful, arrogant, insolent, impudent; inconsiderate, intolerant, disrespectful; unrestrained; destructive III. Render the article into English., belligerent; rude, rough, coarse, offensive; wrong-doing, delinquent, unable to cope with difficulties, problems.

3. A happy parent is:

loving, caring, affectionate; kind, kind-hearted, good-natured, friendly, approving, reassuring; responsive, thoughtful, considerate, understanding; sensitive, sympathetic; sensible, reasonable; self-restrained; patient, tolerant; open, outgoing; firm, consistent; just.

4. An unhappy difficult parent is:

a) impulsive; indulging, pampering, babying; unreasonable; selfish, self-indulging, self-interested; self-willed, wilful; inconsistent; partial; sentimental; permissive;

b) loveless, indifferent, impersonal; insensitive, disapproving; unjust, unfair; impatient, intolerant; insensible, unreasonable, unwise; inconsistent; nagging, fussy; cold, hard, harsh, cruel; bullying, aggressive, destructive, violent; repressing, demanding, restraining; moralizing; uncompromising, tough III. Render the article into English..


I. Practise the pronunciation of the words below.

Gregarious, outgoing, alert, conscientious, persevering, courteous, obedient, submissive, mixed-up, sulky, impersonal, listless, irresponsive, irritable, wilful, irritant, unrestrained, belligerent, inconsistent, destructive, insolent, delinquent, unruly, inconsiderate, responsive, indulging, babying, pampering, partial, nagging, bullying, docile, erratic.

Документ III. Render the article into English.